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T-AUTOR. Creating is now easy.

Creating interactive applications for the ISDB-Tb is something that now can be done by journalists, editors, designers and advertising executives.

t-Autor is an authoring solution that allows professionals who have no programming skills to generate interactive applications.

Content producers get more will be able to create more freely, following a trend that already exists in the Internet.

For companies, t-Autor enables the inclusion of interactivity in the workflow with cost reduction, minor necessity of specialized staff, agility in development and much more possibilities for creating and developing new formats, using the tool for tests and broadcast finished versions.

 t-Autor is the work result of a research team from Universidade Federal do Maranhão - UFMA, through LABCOM – Laboratório de Convergência de Mídias (Laboratory of Media Convergence), Communication Department and LAWS – Laboratory of Advanced Web Systems, with financing support of FAPEMA, FINEP and CNPq (edicts PAPPE and RHAE), an effort that involves private initiative, University and researches and innovation promotion agencies.

 t-Autor is a modular solution. The first module, t-Autor A/V, is destined to create offline applications that intend to offer additional content in audiovisual products. The following two modules are in development: t-Autor AD (focused on applications for advertising and e-commerce) and t-Autor AN (applications for data analysis of audience and viewing behavior).




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